28 June 2011

New Adventures

This year is shaping up to be an exciting one, even though we're already half way through. I've finally decided that the only way for me to get a rewarding job that I will love for the rest of my days is to do it myself. I might not be a millionaire by the time I retire, but hey I'll have tried!
For the last wee while I've been thinking about where my tattoo designs could take me and I think if I keep designing them only for tattoos I'm not going to get very far, I have to branch out. So after much debate and full on mental fisticuffs with my inner pessimist, no full time employment and recent inspiration and encouragement from others I have decided what the hell, I'm going for it!

My only problem now is where to start...
I have enrolled on a few courses in the next few months to get me heading in the right direction. On Thursday I have a seminar run by Business Gateway to go to about starting your own business and next Tuesday I have a workshop about being self employed. I figured this was the best way to start.

As for the creative side, last week I finished a 2 week course in resin jewellery making and it was fab. I also have to say that I came away feeling so inspired and have now got some ideas floating around my head to turn my tattoo designs into jewllery pieces. I also met some great like minded folk and can't wait to get stuck in to some ceramic painting or sewing at The Life Craft when I get back from a trip to my Mums.
If anyone is interested the same Resin class it's being run on the 20th and 27th July, just visit the Facebook page for details. It's great fun and well worth it.

My resin creations 

Bats isn't mine, it was made by tutor Addison St Louis of Freak Carousel, but I sanded it, drilled the hole and put the chain on :D

This very ungraceful Matryoshka would not keep her backside in the resin, so I ended up with a very promiscuous pendant, oops!

I've also booked into a cupcake decorating class on the 14th July in Make it Glasgow, but thats just for fun really. I'd love to decorate cakes for a living, but I really only love to bake for my family and friends and a certain man who happens to love my food lol :D (Note: Dear family & Friends, commissions accepted, but only Peter gets cake for free as he is the guinea pig)

In October I've signed up for a weekend course in screenprinting in the Glasgow Print Studio. I'm really excited to see where that could take my designs, I've wanted to try it for years and Tshirt/bag design is THE dream!
There'll be other Business Gateway courses to go to as well, so I can get as much information as possible.

I'm finallly feeling inspired and more energised in getting things going for myself and I plan to report back here about how I'm getting on, what I'm up to and other ramblings so that maybe they will help other folk in the same situation. I'll be 100% honest and say that I am terrified at the thought of going out into the big bad business world on my own, but I know whatever happens it'll be worth it because at least I've tried. Something I'm no longer scared to do...

Wish me luck!


SpoiltPig said...

Yaay for resin class promotion! It really was a cool bunch of people at the last one :)

I've been winging this self-employment joke for the last few years, I wonder if there are still places on that seminar...?

Daisy*Bisley said...

Might well be, but they have them every few weeks and they're free, will message you the link

Somethingxtraspecial said...

Very brave - good luck!

Daisy*Bisley said...

Thank you :D

uhooi said...

Wow,, This is very nice, creative and amazing,,,