10 June 2011

Allergies & Old Movies...

What a lovely post London time I've had. After getting burnt while away and using a certain so called "natural sensitive skin" cream I ended up with a swollen face and looking like Rocky's sparring partner. I don't know why I bought the cream considering I've had a reaction before, but hey I was knackered!
So although I've had an itchy, burnt, swollen face and had to take a few days off work, I have caught up on some design stuff and today started a vector project that I've been wanting to do for ages.

 Can you guess who it is? Hint: I finally decided to start it after watching a certain movie with the wonderful Glenn Ford and some gratuitous hair flicking.

So now I've been watching old movies all week while off and todays film is The Haunting.

ooooh its creepy, much better than the ridculous remake. And what is it that makes it so creepy??  Its that you dont see a thing, its all in your own head and if you have an over active imagination like myself, this is the best/worst type of film to watch! That and some classic camera angles and sound effects. Trying to think of some other old horror films to watch after it, so if anyone has any ideas of movies for me to check out please comment :D

Also its the last day to vote on my Threadless submission so I'd really appreciate anyone who hasn't voted already to do go have a wee peek.

Score this design: "Tattoo Me," to help it get printed on Threadless!

As for tattoo designs, I've finished work for Leanne and Chris. Leanne wanted a small cluster of stars and Chris wanted a Saltire flag.  Here are the finished designs.

I really liked the thistles in this one so I might need to use them as a base for another design in the future.
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