16 September 2013

Weekly Wishes #11

Weekly Wishes

This is my first post in three weeks! What happened? A super blogging streak broken! - no apologies though as it's been one week of bloggy reflection and two weeks of solid work. Oh and this...

Tweet from Diana Neidecker
Week one was intentional. I needed a break as I felt like I was losing my way a bit, trying too hard for killer content and trying to emulate those more successful than my little space on the web and worrying about the numbers - self inflicted pressure, you know, the usual!

Week two was totally unintentional, design work took me on a trip to stress and disaster filled lows to overwhelming yet epicosity packed highs! Writing the to do list was the first thing to set off stress alarms, there was (and is) so much to do and I let it freak me out a bit. 

It's all good though, this is what I wanted - design filled days full of posters, logos and tattoos. And then there's my top secret project, that's been a learning curve and a half! Ups, downs, blood, sweat and tears. I'll share more of the project towards mid October when it's all done and dusted so keep an eye out for it. I'm enjoying feeling busy especially as it's all involving being creative even even if I did miss out on the bloggy goodness.

It's no mistake I'm making my triumphant return to the blogging world on a Monday as it's just in time for Melyssa's Weekly Wishes. I've been out of it for three weeks so it's time I got my wishing on! 

I'm keeping it pretty simple to ease myself back in with a quick to do list.
  • Send off everything required for my top secret project
  • Write some postcards to three lovely ladies, Melyssa, Crystal and Erika, to express my gratitude to them
  • Tick off everything on my freelance to do list
  • Send off my giveaway goodies to the lovely Nicole Nemeth (check out her awesome blog here)

Wish me luck fellow wishers and all the best for your week ahead! If you haven't joined the Weekly Wishes Link Up yet then check it out over at The Nectar Collective and share your wishes and goals with us!


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