23 January 2012

Pixar's Brave and Scotland

Last week I read an interesting article about Pixar's new movie Brave and how it could boost Scotland's tourism. Basically VisitScotland's chairman Mike Cantlay said that as Brave will be shown in 72 countries and dubbed into several languages it would give Scotland and the Highlands huge exposure, which will boost our tourism industry more than Braveheart ever did!

Camping Scourie 2008

This article made me feel a wee bit warm, fuzzy and patriotic inside. I am Scottish, slightly ginger and proud to be so (and yes I have a soul). I am also a film and animation lover and have been in love with Disney and Pixar since I was a kid. That Pixar have chosen to create a film set in Scotland and cast mainly Scottish actors is fantastic and something I've hoped would happen for a while.

Quite a few film productions have rolled through Scotland recently and it was pretty exciting. Like lots of other guilty parties, I went out to take loads of photos of American cars that were lined up around George Square for World War Z. I even stood about 3ft from Hugo Weaving without realising around Blythswood Square for Cloud Atlas - was truly gutted the next day when I saw it in the paper. Not that I would have said anything as no doubt a quote from The Matrix or Transformers would've slipped out and I'd have made a complete arse of myself. It's not even like I was too busy trying to see Halle Berry who was also there. Oh no, I was too busy taking photos of the Highland Green GT 390 Mustang and black Dodge Charger from Bullitt to notice one of my favourite actors standing quite close to me!!

Just discovered I don't actually have any pics of the Dodge Charger, gutted again!

I've had 4 celebrity/movie star interactions in my life (signing tents and autographs after gigs don't count) and each time I've not been at my most observant - as previously illustrated by the Hugo Weaving incident.

  1. I spoke to Jackie Bird without realising it was Jackie Bird until 5 mins after the brief conversation
  2. I kind of insulted Gerard Butler's new accent within earshot of Gerard Butler.
  3. I nearly bumped into Peter Capaldi, almost knocking the massive pile of books and paper he was carrying to the wet ground at Royal Exchange Square - we both said "sorry" and went on our way.
  4. The daddy of them all... and technically #2 in my sightings of the main cast of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, (I'm counting Hugo Weaving) General Zod in The Sneck!
    I sold Terence Stamp some DVD's in Inverness and for some reason I needed to ask him for ID. He handed over his New York driving licence and only then did I realise it was him. The black jumpsuit and flying towards the counter didn't give it away. Just joking, he's not really an evil General from Krypton!
Now all I need to do is to have an odd interaction with Guy Pearce, whilst not realising its Guy Pearce, to complete the Priscilla set!

Anyway, I love that big film productions are coming to Scotland and long may it continue. More and more content is being created here for all the creative industries and I hope we're on the brink of some sort of massive creative boom and we can show off what a massively creative country we are.

I really can't wait for the movie and am really looking forward to seeing the new style that Pixar have gone for. Also as an animation nerd, I'm really excited about Merida's hair. Disney worked wonders with Tangled so curls should be a cinch, but they just look fab!!

As a massive Pixar and Disney fan I'm usually first in line for the cinema queues, but I think this time I think I'll be first in line for the applications to Disneyland when they start recruiting Princess Merida's for their parks!!

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Other things that look set to give Scotland's tourism a wee boost are 2012 being the Year of Creative Scotland, 2013 the Year of Natural Scotland and the Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup in 2014

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Kevin said...

I certainly hope you're right about the tourism bump from the Pixar film (though I'm not Scottish), but I also hope that the characters aren't all flat and one-dimensional. I realize it's probably too soon to tell, but -- from the trailer and stills -- it seems that the heroine might be somewhat conflicted and complex -- but that the other characters are stereotypically combative, or oafish, etc. You can't ALL be beautiful, be-freckled gingers, can you?