30 January 2012

A Proper Introduction for 2012

What do I love more than designing, watching movies, discussing movies and geeking out about said things? Nothing! Which is why I want this blog to be a great place for folk interested in them too. I do plan to chuck in some things about my life, work, things I’m doing and experiencing and hopefully some guest posts from lovely readers (just ask).

Hopefully the blog will evolve into something informative and entertaining that readers find interesting and want to come back to.

I hope you will stay with me as I learn the ropes of blogging and how to be successful at it.

I'm also on a mission to teach myself all about the joys and skills of Social Media. I'm picking it up through my new job and getting to grips with how to make it work. It's all new to me, but really very interesting and I've got some lovely folk helping me along the way.
Social Media OutpostsImage by the tartanpodcast via Flickr

The wonderful Leanne MacDuff has been fantastic in helping me get started and has also introduced me to the fab Gisele N. Mendez. Both of these lovely ladies have given me more of an insight in the last 2 weeks than any of the books I've read and continue to read. I suppose it's easier to see it put in to practice and working in real time than it is reading about it and blindly trying it for yourself. So a massive thanks to both of you. I would also recommend both of their blogs - they're great way to start a working day with a cup of tea!

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