16 February 2011

Fav's of the week...

Here I am again and have already broken my promise to write more often lol.
Thinking about just merging my 2 blogs together again. Its getting way to difficult to keep track of everything. Although I will have to redo the backgrounds and everything again... much fun! :D

Anyway, I have found some more brilliant tattoos to share, so here we go.

First up is the colour piece from bethdu on DA

I love the incredible colour work in the flower!

Next up is a brilliant
digital design of Ariel by telegrafixs.

It can also bee seen on His Facebook page here.
There is some really amazing illustration work there too!

And last but not least I thought I'd share a Henna design. I am a massive fan of Henna work and would love to get one done one day

This one is from Glamourpuss on DA. It's just so elegant!

Thats all for today folks, please visit again for more beautiful art from around the net!

Thanks for reading

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