1 February 2011


In honour of Tangled being released last Friday, I thought it fitting to do a wee Disney Tribute.
So here is a small collection of Tattoos from around the interweb! Enjoy...

The first 3 are from http://sometimessweet.blogspot.com/ A lovely blog run by Danielle who has a tattoo feature every Tuesday, go check it out.
The owner of these lovely tattoos however is Tiffany who can be found here:

I cannot believe the quality of the line work in this piece! Its beautiful, I cant wait to see it coloured!

The detail and colour are incredible! Love it!

I love this one, must have hurt.. A LOT!

Lol, this has to be my favourite!

And by far the best villain in Disney history, Malificent! I love her and this tattoo is fab!!
Hope you enjoyed that small tribute, more soon!
Thanks for reading

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