3 February 2011

Fav's of the Day...

Ok so I haven't been updating as much as I should, but I'm going to make more of an effort to share with the lovely folks who read my blog (Thank you :D)
I'm going to be updating with a few of my favourite tattoos that I've seen around the web. I'd love to do one of those 1 post a day every day for a year things, but unfortunately I dont have time every day to do that. If I ever do however, I will definitely be giving it a bash! Its going to be more like at least 3 a week with the odd feature post along the way. Most of the designs will come from DeviantArt to help promote my fellow DA Members, but if anyone see's anything else then please feel free to leave a comment and share more amazing designs! I'll post 3 designs in each post; 1 sketch, 1 black ink piece and 1 coloured piece. This will most likey change over time, but thats my idea to start with anyway.

So here I go, I hope you enjoy!!

Ok, first up is a beautiful sketch by samthedrawer

Sam has a whole load of amazing pieces over on DA, I especially love his dragon designs. The shading is just stunning!

The next piece is not technically inked on skin, its a photomanip (I think) that the designer has done to show how the design would look. Its a design by Shepush, again on DA and he sells his designs via Inkspired.

This design is amazing and one of my favs from DA. It has the perfect balance of black and white space, something I found really difficult to acheive when designing Derek's Kirituhi/Celtic inspired piece. Love it!!

I'm absolutely in love with Maori and polynesian styles at the moment and how they are used within Maori culture. There are strict rules in using Maori designs in that you would never, ever, ever get a real design done as they are sacred to the Maori as part of their cultural heritage. So pretty much any design you see is known as Kirituhi. If you're interested, do some research into the history of Maori Ta Moko, its really interesting!

And now finally the colour piece...

The Geisha Tattoo by Hatefulss is absolutely beautiful! The colour is just incredible. Hatefulss has other great pieces on his DA page all equally as good, his portraits are really amazing. How anyone can catch a likeness like that using a needle is beyond me!

Anyways thats it for my first Fav's of the Day post, I'd love it if you'd check back later on in the week for more.

Thanks for reading

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