9 February 2010

My Birthday Treat to Me...

So it's my birthday on the 1st of March, a wee while away, but there was a sale in Vivien of Holloway and I had to treat myself. I've been eyeing up one of these halterneck tops for a while, and when I discovered they were only £15 in the sale I had to treat myself!

This isn't the exact one, the gingham on mine is a slightly larger pattern, but its pretty similar. I will definitely be posting a pic when it arrives.

I love Vivien of Holloway. Their dresses and tops are beautiful and I absolutely love there swing trousers! Have a peek here...

Last year I bought one of their dresses, a Halterneck Pencil Dress for my boyfriend's, Sister's wedding reception in Italy. I loved it. It's one of those dresses that as soon as you put it on, you feel stunning and your spine straightens as the zip goes up and your posture is automatically perfect lol

This is the one I bought:

And this is me in it at the reception! Words cannot describe how much I love this dress lol!

We colour co-ordinated... nice :P

Whilst in Italy and when I got back (blame amazing, REAL Italian food) I put on a bit of weight and when I tried the dress on a few months ago it was a bit tight.
On Friday, however I was trying to work out my size again to buy the top and it fit! I could move and breathe in it again. Thank God for the gym, body attack and pilates!
I was so excited and am now needing another excuse to wear it out. I don't need an excuse really I love it so much I'd wear it to go to the shops lol. I would wear it on the Valentines day Date with Peter, but it's a bit to dressy for the Princess and the Frog. However, we do have my birthday, our anniversary and his birthday all within the next 2 months, so maybe...

Anyways, to all of you ladies who like classic 1950's cuts and styles in their clothes visit Vivien. The stock is stunning and fantastic quality, and the prices are pretty resonable for handade garments!

Here's a few of my favourites.

Thanks for reading

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Banan said...

These look lovely, Claire. Especially on you - need to see more Italy photos! ;-) Pencil shape really works with your height, too. Might think of saving up for one; think I can pull off '50s !

Loav xx