2 May 2011


Got a lovely email today from a previous client, Aaron who got in touch at the start of the year asking me to design him a triskele. Aaron was only my second male client so I was pretty nervous about getting it right. I usually design for lady folk so I thought my designs might be too feminine.
As pretty much all of my designs are personal to the client I won't really be spilling the beans on all meanings and reasonings behind the tattoos. What I will talk about is the design aspects. Aaron wanted the design NOT to be feminine obviously, so this was my challenge. I've designed a male tattoo before with my Derek design, but this was different as it was a triskele, something I've only done for women!
Aaron also wanted each arm to have an organic tendril look and have the appearance of living plants, but with a celtic feel.

Here are a few of the original sketches:

These were a couple from the first rounds of designing. They were very celtic with knots all over the place, so much fun! I tried to keep the plant like appearance too, using thin vine-like lines for the arms.

These were the 2 versions Aaron choose to have a look at for the final design. He also wanted a green colour, which works really well!

This was the final design drawn up digitally.

It was pretty refeshing to design for Aaron, as with Derek I was totally out of my comfort zone and having to think differently "what would a man like?" I kept asking myself! Overall I'm really happy with the finished design and so was Aaron, so much so that he put it on his skin!

It looks amazing and the size really does it justice. I'm so happy with it and I can't wait to see it when it heals. Thanks Aaron!!!!!

I've been commission for 4 other designs too, a cluster of stars, a celtic turtle, a celtic version of Superman and a top secret design that will be a gift. There are also a few other design jobs possibly in the works so I'll keep you posted!

Thanks for reading

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