5 February 2012

The Boys Are Back In Town

Or should I say birds...
I heard a lovely sound this morning - birds singing. Winter is over and Spring is on the way. Although someone really should tell the weather in Scotland!

This means that the dark evenings are coming to an end and my over active imagination can stop freaking out about the zombie horde or werewolf that could possibly come crashing through the creepy bushes beside the bus stop as I wait for a driver to (possibly) pick me up. Yes, these things do cross my mind and I believe it was an over exposure to horror movies when I was a child! Michael Jackson & John Landis are mainly to blame for these fears!  Can you guess why??

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson (Image via RottenTomatoes.com)

This time of year always brings thoughts of travel to my mind and I long for any one of the number of places I'd love to see, South Africa, Budapest, Vancouver, Disney World, the steps that Rocky runs up in Philadelphia!

Budapest - The most beautiful city I have ever seen!
In true movie lover fashion, most of my dream destinations have been influenced by my favourite films. - Disney and the Lion King are fully responsible for my love of Africa and I know I'll get there someday, but I thought I'd share a different travel dream with you today.

It came out of a conversation between my other half and I. Both of us would like to go to San Francisco to visit Pixar and thought it would be cool to see Alcatraz too and then we got talking about a certain Michael Bay film.  Now I should point out that we are both big fans of Mr Bay and action movies in general and are openly mocked for this by quite a few people, but we are proud of our movie nerd status' and continue watching our mindless, but amazingly shot action films all the same!
 Anywhoo, one of the best action movies of all time, in my opinion, is The Rock . As Peter and I got to know each other, we discovered a joint love of Nic Cage, Michael Bay movies, the music of Hans Zimmer and the film itself, so it's kind of a personal movie for us and therefore would make a brilliant theme to our dream trip to the West Coast of America.

The RockThe Rock (Image via RottenTomatoes.com)

We would visit the Palace of Arts, the Fairmont Hotel, The Golden Gate Bridge and of course Alcatraz. We'd also visit Pixar in Emmeryville and possibly swing by LA in a quick homage to Die Hard too!

After that, we'd come home and start planning our Die Hard With a Vengence/Rocky trip of the East Coast!

This is all in our dreams of course and we're going to have to wait a good while until we could ever afford a trip to San Francisco, I think a lottery win would definitely come in handy!

So with that I would like to wish all you lucky people making travel plans - Happy Trails and Yippe Kai Yay!

Would love to hear of anyone's amazing trips around the world. Leave a comment or Tweet me.

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