11 August 2012

This Week's Round Up

In an effort to become more active on the Facebook page I've been using Austin Kleon's handy hint of using a simple calendar to time my posts. I've been using it all week in the office too to try and bring some sort of structure to our social media and so far its working. I know I've only posting once a day on the Daisy Bisley page, but I'm hoping to get more up and more active as time goes on and I get more into the swing of things with the new routine I'm setting myself.

Social Media Planner

It's a really simple calendar, I just choose the number of posts I want to do and cross them off throughout the day to mark that I've completed the task. Eventually seeing a clean sweep of red X's will keep me going - appeals to my compulsion to list things I guess!

So Monday was my first foray into HTML and CSS as I was sent on a day course to get the basics under my belt. I kind of knew bits and pieces about tags and how they work, but the course really helped me understand structure and how to build a site.
The actual building of a site is a little way off yet though, but I did by this lovely big mag to help me along the way. I need a lot of tutorials to get me started and though this would be a great way to get me going.

Tuesday was a Pinterest day! I find Pinterest a massive source of inspiration for not just tattoos, but everything. I'm constantly scouring the boards for pretty things to look at and share and am constantly amazed by how much material is on there. I try and add to the tattoo board at least twice a week and have been sharing some of the amazing work by artists all over the world, most recently on Tuesday when I found this one.


I love the Henna style of it and the smoothness of the lines. I'm hoping to get some of the Henna influence into my work in the near future as it's something I've loved for years now. I'd also love to get a design myself from a professional Henna artist or try one myself, but I don't quite know if my hands would be steady enough!

Another great find this week was animator Adam Proctor's Water Lives animation on Vimeo It's absolutely beautiful! A collaboration between Adam, water scientists, a musician and a haiku poet that is designed to show the "rich diversity of life within our precious water sources." I love the style and the music is beautiful too. 

Water Lives by Adam Proctor

It's worth checking out Adam's work over on Behance, and looing out for it in the new BBC/HBO series Hunted that is starting soon. Another favourite piece of mine is "An Underwater Tale" and if you, like me, love shadow puppets then it really is a must see. Short and sweet!

An Underwater Tale by Adam Proctor

Thought I'd finish off with a sneaky peek at a couple of commissions I've been working on. One for Kristi and one for Karen. 
Tattoo Commissions copyright Claire L Glasgow

I sat out in the long awaited sun working on these today and hope to get out again tomorrow to do some web designing or maybe some Henna...

Thanks for reading the blog. If you have any questions about a custom design for a tattoo or other wise, please leave a comment or Tweet me.

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