22 July 2011

Nerd Fest

Dear readers, you may or may know that I am a self confessed Nerd and in honour of the San Diego Comic Con thats happening this week hundreds and thousands of miles away from me (*sigh, one day!!), I thought I'd have another Nerd fest full of tattoos, art and some handmade goodies.
But to start off I will hand over to our fearless leader from The Nerd Machine, Zachary Levi, for some info on day 1 at Nerd HQ!

Now for fun stuff...



From Craft
From Folksy



Thats most of the nerdy things out the way, but I thought I'd sign off with the new pics released for the Hobbit! I finally read the book after being a fan of Lord of the Rings for years and now I can't wait for the movie.

Woot can't wait to see it!

Thanks for reading

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