12 April 2011

Tattoo Geekery!

and its time for me to start getting my act together!

First lets get a few of tattoos out the way that I've found on the net and love. Apologies if I haven't mentioned who or where they came from, but just to clarify these images are not mine!
The theme for this little feature is Nerd tattoos/Fan Art. As a self confessed Nerd I felt the need to collect a few comic, movie and computer games images to show the devotion some folk have to their favourite passtimes! Here we go...

Duck hunt was an amazing game and always made me jealous of any of my friends who had the Nes http://youtu.be/x-daxzVxrQI

One thing I could never get my head round... special moves! I, I'm proud to say... am a button basher and as such was hated by my brother when it came to a game of Street Fighter, Mortal Combat or Tekken!

My favourite game of all time, Bioshock!

Moving on, some amazing comic fan art tattoos. Some of the colour used in these tattoos is incredible! Wonder Woman has to be my favourite...

And now for a tribute to Batman, my favourite comic character!

And other Batty Characters...

And the best villain of all...

This is just an amazing piece, the colour and resemblance is perfect!

And now for one of my favourites. I'm a massive fan of Lord of the Rings, both the movies and books. I also have an Evenstar tattoo myself, but this is just stunning!

Thats it for the tattoos folks. Now for a wee bit of blabbing :D From now on I will definitely be blogging here about all my work, not just tattoos. I've decided to this because I want to branch out with my tattoos and design work. I want to start screen printing my designs onto various products and to sell them and hopefully build a business out of it.
So from now on this blog will be where I post everything, my designs, my products and my experience and adventures into the world of starting my own business. Soon I hope to have a few things up online to sell and I've given myself until christmas/New Year to get some things together so I can make my way to a craft stall. I also hope to get more presence etc online and get working on it as much as I can to get myself out there and noticed. I just hope it works out!

Wish me luck and Thanks for reading

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